Lithium batteries power new energy industry in Xinyu2016-12-28   

On Dec 22, journalists from national media organizations gathered at the Jiawo New Energy Company in Xinyu city to cover its production of lithium batteries alongside the new energy innovation and development.

Located in the Xiacun Industry Park of Xinyu city, the Jiawo New Energy Company covers an area measuring 46,000 square meters and employs around 1,300 workers.

Founded in 2015, the company began with investment of 350 million yuan ($50.4 million) in total. It has ambitions to produce 1 million lithium batteries per day, hitting an annual output value of over 6 billion yuan.

The company has large demands for raw materials including lithium iron phosphate, graphite, electrolytes, and diaphragm paper, which drives local businesses that supply the firm.

Some of the lithium batteries have already been put into use in electric-powered vehicles, boosting the new energy industry alongside protection of the environment.




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